Fabric Wholesale

If you are looking for Italian high-quality fabrics and yarns for clothing, entrust Sorrentino Tessuti.

Our proposals include printed fabrics, solid colour and patterned jacquard, laces and embroideries.

Our company is a family-run business, in which we made of our passion our profession, we are able to transform the raw material into real dream dresses. Our designs are sought-after; every member of our staff has years of experience in the textile sector.

The quality of our fabrics and services, all Made in Italy, are the characteristics that have allowed us to become customers and suppliers of the best fabric stores, designers, stylists, dyeing plants and weaving factories.

Contact us directly for your order, we perform deliveries in Italy and abroad.


Solid colours

By placing your order with Sorrentino Tessuti you can transform your materials in colored textiles by compiling a simple request. If you want a white fabric or a black one, or you would rather completely change the color in different options like: blue, red, green, purple or pink you can entrust Sorrentino Tessuti.



The Sorrentino Tessuti company is specialized in the production of printed fabrics with different designs and patterns such as camouflage, animal print, checked, houndstooth, polka dots, paintings, military, gingham and flowers.



We are suppliers of all kinds of fabrics such as jacquard, damask, brocade, jersey, cotton, silk, grisaille and upholstery fabrics.

Sorrentino Tessuti is available for the supply of specific fabric requests with complex patterns, always making use of the best jacquard fabrics.



For the wholesale of: lace, macramé fabric, San Gallo lace, rebrode, French embroidery and Chantilly lace and various clothing material entrust Sorrentino Tessuti. Processed and prestigious fabrics of the highest quality are all available in Sorrentino Tessuti’s catalogue.



We are Italian fabrics stock dealers, yarns and fashion knitwear remnants for underwear, shops and designers, printed and in solid color for the clothing industry. If you are looking for a wholesaler or a retailer of fashion you can contact us directly.


Wool and cashmere

Sorrentino Tessuti is an important reference point for national and international textile and clothing markets. If you are looking for stock fabrics and a valid wholesaler you can contact Sorrentino Tessuti directly. From virgin carded wool, to pure cashmere for coats, jackets and quilts of unmistakable quality.



Sorrentino Tessuti exports in all parts of the world various precious fabrics like silk, cashmere, crepe satin, rayon, cady, georgette, chiffon, organza material etc. For the supply of items and precious silk fabrics you can entrust Sorrentino Tessuti.


Cottons and linen

We deal with all kinds of clothing fabric, from very light white voile viscose cotton, from jersey to canvas, without forgetting sheer white cotton, Cady, batiste yarn, satin and flannel as a heavier fabric. Our stock prices are convenient for all types of tissues by metre necessary for a company.



Sorrentino Fabrics is a family-run business which deals with the sale and trade of stretch spandex material for swimwear, stretch suits, lycra, cotton, spandex and microfiber in Italy and abroad.