Viscose material

Sorrentino Tessuti deals with the sale of natural fibres and synthetic high-quality clothing fabrics at an affordable cost for any type of store and company.

Here you will find many types of fabric from rayon once called “artificial silk ” to high-quality Bamboo viscose material.

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What exactly is viscose?

Viscose is an artificial textile fibre that mimics the softness of the vegetable fibres, further having a silky shininess, for this reason it was also called “artificial silk”.

Viscose, in various shapes and varieties, represents about 14% of industrially made fibres.

It is produced from the tree’s wood pulp (but also from cotton, straw, etc.), Treated with a solution of caustic soda (NaOH); successively added carbon disulfide (CS2) creating cellulose xanthate which is further dissolved with other caustic soda.

The production of viscose begins with cellulose, sodium hydroxide and carbon disulfide.


Wide range of fabrics

In our store you will find a huge selection of viscose fabrics such as:

  • Cady
  • Jersey
  • crepe
  • Crepella
  • georgette
  • Punto milano

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