High quality cashmere fabric

The Sorrentino Tessuti company is one of the leading cashmere suppliers in the textiles sector. Known abroad thanks to the sale and to the quality of pure Italian cashmere wool.

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Cashmere properties

Cashmere is not only a leader of trend chosen by renowned designers, but its finishing is also a choice of well-being: in fact, this fibre has the beneficial qualities that make every cashmere item suitable and fresh for every season.

Among the properties that make it valuable the first renown is its softness: the skin contact is in fact very soft and gentle, it cannot cause any kind of discomfort on the skin, and this is one of the key points that distinguish the pure and original cashmere from any kind of imitation. The other three salutary effects are: the ability to maintain a constant temperature, thanks to the thermoregulation properties which makes it suitable for both the cold season and the hot one; The second property is the hygroscopicity: cashmere absorbs moisture and thus sweat, making it a breathable fabric. As third and last property, Cashmere is antistatic: it does not attract any kind of electromagnetic field, which means no dust ensuring the maximum hygiene conditions.

This is why the leading names in fashion are very interested in this precious fabric: cashmere items are unique and comfortable as no other fabric.


A precious fabric with legendary origins

The origins of cashmere are so distant in time and geographically from us that make this precious yarn almost a legend. Something mysterious and magic to wear, items with soft fibres that evoke rarefied atmospheres and ancient artisan skills, a rural timeless charm.

Wearing this fabric for its warmth and softness is certainly the best choice of all, and also a good investment if handled in the right way. Every woven item, with its unique fibres is eternal. The cashmere fibre, was born and has been spread to legendary places like Mongolia, where there are farms handed down from father to son, where rare animals are bred giving birth to the sublime fleece.

Goats with native Kashmir fibre precisely from the western part of India, however nowadays these goats are bred in many other countries like the rest of India, Tibet, China, Mongolia, Pakistan, Australia and even in Italy, and with good results, producing high quality fibres and extraordinarily soft, characterized by a particular fineness of 18 microns which is the international unit of measurement, compared with the values ​​of 24 microns of the wool on the market made from Merino sheep, excellent and valuable wool but always different.

For the supply of this precious fabric, entrusted Sorrentino Tessuti.