Lycra fabrics

Sorrentino Fabrics is a family-run business which deals with the sale and trade of stretch spandex material for swimwear, stretch suits, lycra, cotton, spandex and microfiber in Italy and abroad.

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Lycra in our wholesale has a low and convenient cost, idea for fashion industries. Sorrentino Fabrics performs work under contract, its fabrics in stock are mainly of big brands, all certified with the Made in Italy brand.

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Spandex features

Spandex (or elastane) is a very common material used for elasticizing synthetic fiber polyurethane fabrics. Also known in North America and Australia with the name of spandex.

By consumers it is best known thanks to the brand names: Lycra (Invista), Elaspan (Invista), Dorlastan (Asahi), Roica (Asahi), Linel (Fillattice), RadiciSpandex (Radici Group), Creora (Hyosung).

The polyurethane fibre is characterized by a hand that does not make it suitable to be used as it is, so it is always used in accompaniment naked, or covered (coiling) or air dishevelled, with other continuous or discontinuous fibres.

Clothing fields of application:

athletics, aerobics, gymnastics, cycling and diving suits, swimsuits, leggings, skiing pants, jeans and stretch fabrics in general, knitwear, corsetry, elastic ribbons, lace, hosiery, belts and skating body.

The commercial definition is based on a spandex elastomeric synthetic fibre filament containing at least 85% of the mass of segmented polyurethane. It is produced by extruding the melted polyurethane or in a solution through a spinneret into a spinning plant.

The production technologies are four:

  • dry spinning
  • wet-spinning
  • melt spinning
  • reactive spinning

Fabric supply

Sorrentino Tessuti is specialized in the fabric supply in Italy and in different parts of the world. Rely on us for textiles supply. Contact us to learn more about our fabrics.