Double Jersey fabric

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We are number one fabric suppliers for Italian fashion designers and dressmaking stylists of the best renowned brands of Italy known world widely. Our warehouse has all types of materials, from solid color double jersey, to the interlocked punto Milano knit, all with different characteristics, our fabrics are purchased by weight.

Economic price fabrics, but finished with personalized details.

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Our productions

The company is specialized in the processing of materials such as: cotton, jersey and acrylics, both printed and in solid color version, interlocked and elasticated textiles and technical fabrics for casual wear, sleepwear fabrics, knitted fabrics for furniture and clothing.

The avant-garde plants employed allow us to obtain the best from quality and speed in the production process, thanks to a strong computerization of the procedures.

High quality details are guaranteed.


The optional accessory

For high-quality fabrics for the creation of optional accessories, only Sorrentino Tessuti: from scarves to shawls, ties and so on.

A scarf for example requires a strong expertise at the early stages of the design development itself: already in the creation of the logic design destined to the textile accessory.

We are an important reference point for many fashion designers.

The packaging phase, followed closely by the staff, among the leading experts in terms of hemming, applications, embroidery and other details that help to make the textile accessory even more unique.

For further information, entrusted to Sorrentino Tessuti.