Italian fabric manufacturers

The Sorrentino Tessuti company is specialized in the production of printed fabrics with different designs and patterns such as camouflage, animal print, checked, houndstooth, polka dots, paintings, military, gingham and flowers.

At our fabric store you will find all kinds of fantasies, from the latest fashion prints, to upholstery fabrics; or with a simple order you will receive your goods in a few days.

For an Italian quality fabric our manufacturers are renown in all the world, please contact us directly to place your order. We carry out deliveries throughout Europe and not only.


Our services

The activities and services offered by Sorrentino Tessuti revolve around the research of the ideal style and the continuous development of new collections and scheduled samples for prestigious brands from the fashion industry, the retail sector and their subsequent production and replenishment.

Among the wide range of fabrics from our stock, you have the opportunity to see and choose fresh cottons, silks, fine cashmere, different types of wool, elegant pique, fluffy sweatshirts, versatile jersey and Lycra and fine lace.

Our catalogue fabrics are available both in the plain version as with different patterns, to satisfy every kind of taste, from the most modern to the most classic. Every fabric is perfectly suitable for the packaging of high fashion garments.

The fabrics are soft, aesthetically beautiful and without even the slightest defect, thanks to the careful eye of the staff, which views every scrap before putting it on the market.


Fabrics in stock

The company Sorrentino Tessuti is an expert in selling stock fabrics in Italy and abroad.

Our company aims to satisfy both small and large organizations, both public and private, such as retail stores, tailors, designers, artisans, small and large companies.

The quality of Made in Italy is tangible.

Contact us directly to place your order.