Jacquard Fabric sale

A textiles trade for the sale and supply of prestigious fabrics for dress making in clothing.

We are suppliers of all kinds of fabrics such as jacquard, damask, brocade, jersey, cotton, silk, grisaille and upholstery fabrics.

Sorrentino Tessuti is available for the supply of specific fabric requests with complex patterns, always making use of the best jacquard fabrics.

Through the use of this type of fabric you can create drawings and elaborate fantasies, even extremely complex ones, with endless possible colours.

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The textile sector

Jacquard fabric revolutionized the textile industry in the nineteenth century, solving the necessity to speed up the production of elaborated figurative textiles (operated tissues). Today this fabric is extremely important in the silk industry, because it allows the creation of complex designs, and it makes it usable for many uses and countless fantasies.

The range of fabrics depends different aspects and uses: from lightweight chiffon fabric to the outerwear one, from the clothing to the accessories.


Our company

Sorrentino Tessuti is a family-run business, founded in 1929, located in Carpi, in the north of Italy, in one of the Italian industrial districts with the highest textile vocation, where the chains of work are still entirely present with very excellent companies.

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