Tessuto Jersey

Tra i vari tessuti utilizzati nel mondo della moda per realizzare abiti si trova spesso il cotone elasticizzato interlock, la lana invernale, la viscosa estiva i tessuti stampati e il jersey.

Il jersey non viene considerato un vero e proprio tessuto, non essendo realizzato con un telaio, cioè con trama e ordito, ma è appunto un tessuto che invece viene realizzato a maglia a struttura rasata, elastico o a nido d’ape.

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The origins of jersey

Jersey is native from the island of Jersey in the English Channel, from where the very fabric takes its name, jersey fabric initially at the end of the nineteenth century was used for fishermen’s clothing but as with any fabric but was soon intended to be expanded in other various fields, especially in the clothing sector.

A fabric that has had its revival thanks to a figure that made the history of fashion. Jersey, which today is used for many textiles, initially was considered a very humble and simple material, not suitable for the high fashion up until the moment when Coco Chanel began to use it for some creations.


Fields of application

Jersey fabric finds its use mainly in the clothing sector especially used for leggings, skirts, lingerie and sportswear, both male and female. The same also applies with footwear where it, in some cases, is coupled to leather and rubber.

Depending on the way the materials are matched, of course, you will get different types of jersey.

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