Sorrentino Giuseppe Fabrics – Italy

Sorrentino Giuseppe is a wholesale stock of fabric materials and yarns situated in the north of Italy, a company that has been passed on from generation to generation, founded more than fifty years ago.

Our family has transformed the love and passion for fine fabrics, such as silk, cotton and wool, in a solid company of suppliers for small and large textile companies and fabric stores, like fashion designers and many great Italian brands since the foundation of the company.

Our genuine “Made in Italy” fabrics and yarns are for sale in stock online.

Please contact us directly to place your order, we make deliveries in all parts of the world.


A great experience

Our company has a long experience in fabrics and yarns trading and a deep knowledge of the products thanks to the many years of business in wholesale trading.

We are located in Carpi, a territory known for the production of material fabrics for clothing, and thanks to this we have the most varied quality of fabrics and yarns.

Our strengths are focused not only on quality products, the continuous research of innovative, original and fashionable fabrics. Quality is a precondition; all our products meet our customers’ demands.

We transform the first matter in art, that art that only Made in Italy can do.


The Made in Italy guarantee

A fabric wholesale for clothing, materials such as: wool, cashmere, silk, lace, united and printed viscose, cotton and linen, lycra and microfiber.

Jersey knitted fabrics, covers and clothing accessories; We always propose a product in compliance with the latest trends in Italian fashion and only the high fashion of Made in Italy.

Our sale is addressed to:

  • fabrics, yarns and remnants retailers
  • wholesalers and retail stores
  • clothing manufacturers
  • knitting manufacturers
  • fabric stores
  • underwear manufacturers
  • big and small designers and stylists

The quality of our fabrics is tangible with hand and unmistakable, if you decide to entrust Made in Italy you will never be disappointed.