Fine Lace fabrics

For the wholesale of: lace, macramé fabric, San Gallo lace, rebrode, French embroidery and Chantilly lace and various clothing material entrust Sorrentino Tessuti.

Processed and prestigious fabrics of the highest quality are all available in Sorrentino Tessuti’s catalogue.

Our company deals with the supply of different types of fabrics to both small and large companies in Italy and abroad.

Our goods are destined to the textile sector, we have many assortments in different shapes and colours.

For every fabric, we treat also the stretch variant, 100% natural, mixed, printed and solid fibres.

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The yarn’s processing

Lace is a special process of yarn to get to a lightweight fabric, precious and decorated. The operation is not performed on the fabric, but is itself the construction of a weave in a vacuum.

This type of process requires the use of suitable supports to ensure, and subsequently ornate, the wires that are launched in the directions required by the projected design.

The supports are: the pillow, special cartons or the embroidery frame, the tools are: bobbin, needle, crochet, modano or directly the fingers like for macramé. The “dentelles” designation is only the translation of the Italian word lace, in French.


Designs and patterns

Any type of lace or fancy pattern design you desire with Sorrentino Tessuti you will not run into any kind of trouble.

We are specialized in the supply of small and large organizations in Italy and abroad.

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