Fabric dyeing

By placing your order with Sorrentino Tessuti you can transform your materials in colored textiles by compiling a simple request. If you want a white fabric or a black one, or you would rather completely change the color in different options like: blue, red, green, purple or pink you can entrust Sorrentino Tessuti.

We deal with solid color dye tinting works of fabrics in any color required.

Guaranteeing an accurate service for all types of fabric, contact us directly to place an order.


Dye works

In Sorrentino’s dyeing department converge both raw fabrics produced internally in the weaving department and the fabrics supplied directly from the customer, ready to be subjected to the dyeing.

In both cases, the work is done with extreme care: every material is subjected to a careful quality control before it is delivered or sent to the customer.


Shipping warehouse

The shipping department is concerned with the control of all the finished products, of the rolls packaging and the pallets preparation. A spacious showroom allows you to view the complete archive of the various samples.

Sorrentino Tessuti sends its tissues throughout the world, before every delivery every order is carefully checked, assuring that all the merchandise is perfectly in line with customer requirements.

Our company is a leader company in the textile sector since many years ago, our customers range from individuals to large fabric companies.

To place an order please contact us directly.