Wool Fabric

Sorrentino Tessuti is an important reference point for national and international textile and clothing markets. If you are looking for stock fabrics and a valid wholesaler you can contact Sorrentino Tessuti directly.

Those who turn to us know they can count on professionalism, reliability and seriousness as suppliers and producers. The quality of our products is tangible, you will find all kinds of precious wool materials you need for soft, warm and stylish creations and upholstery.

From virgin carded wool, merino fleece wool, fine, mohair, woven, alpaca, angora and Shetland material for coats, jackets and quilts of unmistakable quality.

Our warehouse boasts many types of fine fabrics, our versatility in services, makes us an indispensable ally for different companies operating in the fabric world.

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The fabric properties

The wool fibre properties mainly are:

  • Hygroscopic: the wool fibre is able to absorb water vapor up to a third of its weight, without giving the feeling of wet and it also is resistant to dirt thanks to its water-repellent surface. The wool fibre is very elastic, crease resistant, therefore very resistant to wear.
  • Breathability: wool has a protective function, as it absorbs excess moisture and returns it to the environment through a continuous process of transpiration.
  • Thermal insulation: wool is an excellent thermal insulator, both against the cold and heat, being composed by keratin, a substance similar to that of the hair, it has a very high insulating property, thanks to the air cushion formed by the undulations of the fibre.
  • Antistatic: Wool has a low static electricity, thus offering the advantage of not attracting dust.
  • Flexibility: Wool owns a natural elasticity which enables it to be subjected to strong stretching and twisting and to completely recover its original shape, without a crease. The wool items can be washed with water, using mild soap and they should not be bleached or squeezed. The ironing must be done thoroughly, that is completely drying the damp sweater from the iron’s steam, because being very hygroscopic, it absorbs humidity and the fibres swell recovering elasticity.

Clothing wool

Sorrentino Tessuti is a company specialized in the supply of clothing fabrics to small and big firms. Our product range includes fabrics and yarns of different colour, design and quality.

Our company is known all over the territory, thanks to our experience, developed after years of family-run business in the textile sector. We are committed to achieving high quality standards as well as aesthetic, always leaving satisfied our customers.

Entrust our company, which performs exports throughout Europe.